Is Your Family Dentist Eligible to Affix Dental Implants?

Can Family Dentists Perform Dental Implants?

Dental implants is a type of advanced restorative dentistry procedure that can help you complete your smile. This is done by replacing the missing teeth with beautiful, functional prosthetics. In reality, the increased aesthetics and the functions that dental implants provide has benefited millions of people. In our previous blog, we have explained the difference between general and family dentistry in Yorba Linda. Read along to know how family dentists affix dental implants.

Who All Are Eligible to Affix Dental Implants in Yorba Linda?

Dental implants do not require you to travel long distances to consult a dental professional. Your family dentist in Yorba Linda, like Dr. Bruce M. Rogers, DDS can affix them easily.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant replaces a natural tooth with a tooth that closely mimics original teeth. Your dentist places the implant into your jawbone. This is because only then it can act like a normal tooth's root and hold the tooth in place. The implant is topped with a crown which integrates with the bone. You'll have new teeth that are perfectly natural. These dental implants in Yorba Linda can last a lifetime once your dentist places your replacement.

Dental Implant - Are They Necessary?

Yes. If you are suffering from multiple tooth loss - All-on-4 dental implants is an excellent solution. Family dentists may fit you with a full set of prosthesis with only four implants using this procedure. With this less intrusive alternative to multiple dental implants, you'll again have a great smile.

Why Approach a Family Dentist to Affix Dental Implants?

There are many family dentistry in Yorba Linda, who are qualified and skilled in implant dentistry. They have a lot of experience with dental implants and are well-qualified to assess your appropriateness, and to perform the treatment, and provide excellent aftercare.

Reasons to Opt for Dental Implants in Yorba Linda:

There are legitimate dental and medical reasons to replace teeth, aside from the unpleasant appearance of a grin with prominent gaps. Missing teeth can cause difficulties with your remaining teeth and bone structure, in addition to being not so presentable.

When teeth are missing, the bone sockets that once contained them begin to collapse. This collapsing can lead to significant bone loss. This can compromise the stability of your remaining teeth and potentially change the form of your face. Furthermore, the gaps left by missing teeth cause your remaining teeth to shift out of place, resulting in a crooked smile.


Our dentist in Yorba Linda, Dr. Bruce M. Rogers, DDS offers the best family dentistry treatment. Dr. Bruce M Roger's dental clinic makes sure to offer excellent oral care and help families be safe from dental issues. The clinic of Bruce M Rogers DDS also offers dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, sleep apnea, emergency dentistry, and more. Call us at 714-970-6331 or head to our website of Bruce M Rogers DDS to arrange for an appointment.

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